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Hello..... I'm Karen McDonald and I have long been interested in how one's life is affected by movement, and the possibility that thru movement, one's life potential can be enhanced.

Everyone has untapped potential for attaining their life’s dreams. When true happiness and peace are achieved, energy and creativity become limitless. Our programs are designed to bring you to a new sense of peace and balance through connected movement and self awareness. Previous experience or training is not necessary for our programs.

Ballroom, latin, QiGong and “free - form” movement are offered in private or group sessions, for all ages and levels. No prior experience is necessary.

The Wedding Dance
Your ‘first’ dance links the ceremony of commitment to your future as husband and wife. Enjoy your dance for the rest of your lives, even for those who have never danced before.

Ballroom Dancing
With over thirty years experience in the competitive ballroom idiom, Karen uses her holistic therapies to teach people in private sessions, master classes, seminars or workshops, to access their true potentiality through dance and movement. Unique dancers and creative performers are available for your special event.

Karen designed these forms to create Qi (energy), to honor and build your body and mind to foster a longer, healthier, more enriching life. Whether you choose the sexy salsa, cheeky cha cha or the romantic rhumba, you'll be able to waltz your way through this unique program and build your Qi.

Body, Mind, & Fitness
If you have a happy body, then you have a happy life. That means good nutrition, exercise, and purification. If your body is running optimally, you’re also more creative. Visit and revitalize your life.

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